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COVID-19 Vaccine Information

To help Pomona College set continued COVID-19-related safety policies, the College wants to track COVID-19 vaccinations in its community. Please complete all required fields below and select “choose file” to upload a photo of the front of your COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card. Please Leave out any additional medical information from your submission. Once you have done this, please select “I accept” under both statements and click “Submit Form” to complete submission of your proof of vaccination.

If you do not have a copy of your COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card, you may request assistance in acquiring appropriate proof of your vaccination from Hamilton Healthbox (HHB), the healthcare provider working with the College on COVID-19 testing and related-policies. To do this, please complete all fields, select “I accept” under both statements and click “Submit Form” to complete your request. HHB will confirm your vaccination status through the state vaccination registry and share that record with the College.   

This information will be treated as a confidential medical record and will only be disclosed and used by Pomona College and its COVID-19 health and safety partners or as otherwise required by law.

Alphanumeric username (e.g. abcd4747 or abcd2021) IF YOU DO NOT HAVE YOUR CREDENTIALS, PLEASE USE XXXX2022
Final Vaccination Date*
Should be the date of 2nd dose unless you received a single dose vaccine
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I hereby grant Pomona College, working with healthcare provider Hamilton Healthbox (HHB), authorization to confirm my vaccination information via the state vaccination registry.*

I hereby certify that I have submitted a copy of my completed Vaccination Record Card.*

HHB Nurse Vaccination Record Confirmation

Per Pomona College Human Resources, please verify the final vaccination date and/or upload a copy of the COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card for the individual named above and mark the Confirmation Status field accordingly.  Once your review is complete, this submission will be returned to HR for a final review.

Confirmation Status*

HR Vaccine Info Review

Please review this form submission for the individual named above.  If you identify any errors or discrepancies, you may:

  1. Manually correct them on behalf of the individual and complete the workflow by marking the Review Status as Approve
  2. Invalidate the submission and trigger an email notification to the individual with your comments by marking the Review Status as Reject (NOTE: This will also complete the workflow. The individual will be instructed to create a new submission)
  3. Forward the submission to the HHB Nurse for confirmation of the individuals vaccination record by marking the Review Status as Needs HHB Confirmation

If the Review Status for the submission is marked as Needs HHB Confirmation, it will return to your workspace for a final review after the HHB Nurse has completed the confirmation step.  You may then update the Review Status field based on the feedback provided by HHB.

Review Status*
The submitter will receive an email notification containing your comments above